New Release – Futa in the Dorms


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Rhonda is a freshman just trying to get through her first year when she wakes up with an extra appendage and a super sized sex drive. After getting no answers from the clinic, she heads back to her dorm in frustration. Little does she know that her roommate holds the secret to her salvation, the school’s anime club.

This story features futa-on-female, female-on-female, and futa-on-male action!


Review – Futa Shakes her Pompoms: Futa Cheerleader 1


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Georgia is a scholarship level cheerleader for her university. Still, she doesn’t quite fit in amidst the stunning ladies of her cheer squad. She stumbles across a book in the library with instructions on how to pray to a Goddess. What she doesn’t expect is what the Goddess will grant her!

Georgia arrives for a volleyball match, ready to cheer. The sight of the volleyball players and the feeling of her fellow cheerleaders is too much for the young woman. She runs out and is quickly followed by the captain of the squad, ready to give Georgia her usual beratement! Instead, the captain finds herself savoring Georgia’s gift in a delicious lust filled locker room.

Futa Shakes her Pompoms is a fast paced page turner. Reed does an excellent job of setting up this series, leading to intrigue about what is going to happen along with plenty of sexy moments sure to lead you to the second book! I heartily recommend this book and the ensuing series, I certainly read through and enjoyed every book!

Guest Release – Charmed Bride by Linzi Basset



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In Charmed Bride, Book 4, we meet billionaire entrepreneur, Drake Foster and Shay Jameson; a story of a love triangle and insecurities underlined by hot, scorching passions.

“Threats obviously won’t work, so be ready, love. I’m going to charm your cute little ass right down the aisle.”

Drake Foster had always enjoyed life to its fullest, feeding his insatiable hunger for the opposite sex as the primary of the Dallas Rogues. When the beautiful former actress, Shea Johnson, returned to Lewisville, he couldn’t forget their one encounter, shady as it was, and now that he’d set his sights on her, he intended to pursue her like he did everything else in life—with undisputable passion.

“Charm all you want. I’m not marrying you.”

Shay Jameson, also known as the actress, Shea Johnson, wasn’t about to be intimidated by the annoying billionaire entrepreneur, Drake Foster. Who the devil did he think he was to accuse her of being the reason his fiancée left him at the church door? And he had the audacity to demand that she owed him a bride, and he was there to collect on her debt.

Try as she might, she couldn’t resist his magnetism, not to mention his gorgeous muscled physique … especially once she was reintroduced to … SERGEANT MAJOR.

“Do you always make a habit of arriving uninvited, Miss Kent?”

When the unexpected appearance of a reporter from Drake’s past awakened feelings he’d never expected, he found himself smack in the middle of a love triangle … or was he confusing sexual attraction with something more? No matter how hard he tried to keep his distance from her, he kept spiraling deeper into a well of doubt.

To add fuel to the fire, a ghost from Shay’s past arrived to further the destruction of their future.

Would Shay ever be able to trust Drake again, and as she pushed him away, would Drake be able to keep her safe from the skeletons in her closet?

Above all … would SERGEANT MAJOR―the randy bastard―be satisfied with the monogamy of marriage?

Editor’s Note:

Charmed Bride delivers an authentic, heartfelt, funny, and sexy adventure. Adversaries to lovers to more with betrayal and danger sprinkled into the mix and a healthy dose of “Sergeant Major” makes for a very satisfying read.

Get Charmed Bride now and continue on this sweet romantic, yet compelling and addictive series.

Charmed Bride is a sweet romance, fast-paced, frustrating as it’s a sexy and hot suspense story with a love triangle tangled in the middle. Once you start reading this series, you can’t stop and will wait impatiently for the next book to release.

A few sexy snippets

“Quite fitting, wouldn’t you agree?” He stretched out his long legs.

Her ovaries stumbled, and she stared.

Up! Look up for god’s sake! She urged her eyes that blithely ignored her frantic order and remained glued to the growing bulge in his pants.


Her smooth and husky voice tore into a rich vein of proliferating desire that nestled itself snugly around the nerve ends in his loins. Shards of heat spiked through his body.


“That I want you as mine. Lover, friend, bride, wife … and everything that goes along with it. Threats obviously won’t work, so be ready, love. I’m going to charm your cute little ass right down the aisle.”


“Who said anything about sex?”

“Drake Foster, I’m not an idiot,” she shrieked and grabbed frantically at his belt as he took the stairs two at a time. “If not for sex, why are you taking me to your bedroom? Put. Me. Down!”

“Patience, woman. Geez, give me a couple of minutes to get there first.”

Shay growled as she detected the amusement in his voice.

“This isn’t funny. I meant what I said, Foster. I’m not having sex with you.”


“Ah, there’s the reaction I remember. So wantonly beautiful in the rawness of the passion that lives inside you,” he praised as her sharp gasps rose audibly when his wicked fingers found her center, hot, wet, and already begging for his touch.


Excerpt 1:

Excerpt: Copyright©2019 Linzi Basset

“Did I?”

His full lips curved in a roguish smile when he noticed her eyelids flutter. It widened into a full grin as he watched the annoyance she felt pull her eyes into slits as he stepped forward, breaching the space that separated them.

Shay looked up, feeling even more petite against his tall and broad body. His muscles rippled against her hands when she pushed against his chest, swamped by an unexpected flash of heat racing down to unleash a warm flush of essence inside her pussy. She clenched her muscles in a desperate attempt to terminate the flood of pheromones that lingered between her thighs. It wouldn’t aid her continued protest if he, the raw beast that he was, smelled her aroused bouquet triggered by the chemical reaction he unleashed inside her. She was so intoxicated by the heat of his body infiltrating hers that she was oblivious to the fact that they were standing in full view of a very enraptured community watching the intimate scene unfold.

“Look, Mr. Foster—”

“You know what my name is, Shay. Mister me again and I’ll be forced to take matters into my own hands.”

“You don’t scare me, and for that matter, move your big ass feet out of my space,” the hesitation was brief, “Mister Foster.”

“Ah, I was hoping for that,” he said candidly. He blinked, shielding a devilish glint in his eyes that held her captive until his long, dark eyelashes lowered to her lips. “Remember you were warned, Miss Jameson.”

His gaze locked onto her plump lips as he leaned in, nibbling on the lower one, before gently sucking on it.

“You’re so beautiful.” He traced the contour of her cheek. “And I intend to make you mine … again,” he murmured against her lips, seconds before he delivered a hard, open-mouthed kiss.

A fresh wave of arousal unleashed with the power of a tsunami washed over her. She could deal with lust, desire, and passion, but the emotional cocktail that swirled in her mind and intensified with every brush of his tongue against hers was overwhelming.

His hard mouth slanted across hers, dousing her with his fervent passion. He wound his arm around her body, curving a large hand around her buttocks and drew her hard against him. She groaned as she felt her softness yield to the hardness of his arousal.

“Yes, love, just like that,” he whispered, gentling his lips; no longer with a dominant possession but just as lethal in its seductiveness. He reached beneath her hair, below her ear to gently caress her cheek with his thumb.

No, don’t give in to him. Not again.

Her body ignored the frantic order from her mind as her arms crept around his shoulders, moving upward to the back of his head, reaching to curl her fingers in the soft hair at his nape. Wild oscillations jolted her nerves, evoking sensations she’d never believed she’d be capable of feeling again … not since him and that wild, lustful night. An avalanche of euphoria threatened to bury her under. With a carnal moan, she pressed closer, returning the kiss with all the fervor he’d reawakened inside her.

Excerpt 2

Excerpt: Copyright©2019 Linzi Basset

His lips left hers to trail a line of fire down her throat in urgent hot, nibbling kisses.

“Stop … Drake—”

“Yes, but only because if I don’t, I’ll end up fucking you right here with an entire audience watching,” he drawled in a guttural voice.

Her breath hitched in her throat as her eyes popped open, noticing the people watching them with open curiosity.

“Oh god,” she wailed, pushing furiously at his chest. “Everyone is watching. What the devil were you thinking?”

“That I want you as mine. Lover, friend, bride, wife … and everything that goes along with it. Threats obviously won’t work, so be ready, love. I’m going to charm your cute little ass right down the aisle.”

“Charm all you want. I’m not marrying you.”

He chuckled at her expression and took back a step. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“I’d love to see you try and convince everyone here of that, sweetheart.”

Shay didn’t have to look around. She could feel hundreds of eyes on her to support his claim.

Shit, shit, shit! Did I have to choose the day the entirety of goddamn Lewisville is watching to kiss the devil incarnate?!

Excerpt 3

Excerpt: Copyright©2019 Linzi Basset

“Ah, love, you don’t know me all that well if you believe for one moment I’d let something like that stand in the way of what I want and desire above all else,” he murmured against her cheek, placing soft, nibbling kisses along her temple.

“I’m serious, Drake. Nothing you say or do will sway me. I’ve made up my mind.”

“Well, I guess then it’s up to me to change it.”

“No! Put me down this instant. I’m not having sex with you tonight!” She slapped him on his back as he effortlessly leaned down and lifted her over his shoulder.

“Who said anything about sex?”

“Drake Foster, I’m not an idiot,” she shrieked and grabbed frantically at his belt as he took the stairs two at a time. “If not for sex, why are you taking me to your bedroom? Put. Me. Down!”

“Patience, woman. Geez, give me a couple of minutes to get there first.”

Shay growled as she detected the amusement in his voice.

“This isn’t funny. I meant what I said, Foster. I’m not having sex with you.” 

Shay was frantic. One way or the other she had to protect her heart. If she had come to realize one thing tonight, it was that she hadn’t been heartbroken over Gustav Lochner. Embarrassed and angry at his lies, yes, but her heart … no, she never loved him. Drake Foster was a totally different cup of tea. He had the ability to crush her, turn her entire life upside down, and leave her broken and in despair should he ever walk away from her. At this stage in her life, she wasn’t emotionally equipped to handle a man like him. Sex with him would never just be physical; it hadn’t been that first night. She’d felt it then and she knew it now. This gorgeous, way too sexy man, who had twisted her body like a pretzel before, would do the same to her emotions now.

She shrieked as the earth suddenly tilted when Drake dropped her unceremoniously on the bed—his huge, custom-made king-sized bed. She scrambled back against the heavy handcrafted oak headboard.

“Now, now, none of that, love. All I intend to do is to remind you of how explosive we are together.”

“I don’t need to be reminded, thank you very much.” She pointed a stiff finger at him as he closed in on her and circled to the left side of the bed. “Stay away from me,” she warned and aimed a kick at his thigh when he prowled closer.

He sighed elaborately. “I didn’t want to do this but you’re asking for it so nicely.”

“I’m not asking for anything. I’m telling you … what the devil do you think you’re doing? No! Drake Foster, don’t you … dare,” she ended in a huff and stared wide eyed at her hands that he had quickly and effectively cuffed with long white cotton sashes to the bedposts.

“There,” he said with a wide grin as he stood back to admire his handiwork. He tilted his head sideways as he regarded her with amused eyes. “I can see the attraction BDSM has for people. Who knows, we might gravitate toward it after tonight as well.”

Shay’s breath got stuck in her throat as his words registered. She knew exactly what he meant. She was an avid reader of Linzi Basset’s Club Cove books but that didn’t mean she had any interest to embark on such a lifestyle herself. She was way too conservative for nipple clamps, whips and … bondage! She yanked on the sashes, but he’d made sure she wouldn’t be able to pry her hands loose.

“You’re demented if you think for one moment I’d allow you to … to …” She gulped as he sat down on the bed. She shuffled her legs and hips as far away from him as her bound arms allowed.

“To what?” he asked as he ran an insolent finger from her wrist down her arm, over her heaving chest and up again to end at the opposite wrist.

Excerpt 4

Excerpt: Copyright©2019 Linzi Basset

His eyes were glowing like burning charcoal as he leaned back, gritting out in a dark voice, “Come, I want to show you the pool on the roof.” Drake took her hand and rushed toward the elevator. The moment the doors slid closed behind them, his hands folded around her waist to lift her.

“Drake … ohh,” she gulped back the protest as he spread her legs and pinned her to the wall with his hip settling between her thighs. The hard length of his cock dug into her softness. “Ah, standing at attention already, I see,” she purred and canted her hips in an attempt to alleviate the throbbing from her clit. She rubbed against his crotch with fervent movements, her moans a melody of lust in his ears.

“The hell with the pool.” Drake punched the stop button and the elevator rocked to a halt. “This is much more important.”

“Drake! We can’t …” She giggled, her desire spiked as she envisioned what was about to occur. Excitement surged through her. All thought of being caught evaporated at the lustful glint in his eyes. “This is so wicked, Mr. Foster.”

“It’s about to get a lot more wicked, my little spitfire,” he rasped, and in the next moment, she watched her pants and panties flutter to the floor, leaving her panting at the speed with which they were pulled off her body. “What if someone … ehm …” Her mind went blank and she licked her lips as Drake groped for his zipper, ripped it open, and exposed his engorged cock. It hung and swayed in a bobbing pendulous arc as he took a step closer.

“Ahh, Shay … you have the perfect grip,” he growled as her hand reached out of its own volition to wrap around his wide girth while she stroked the dark purple mushroom-shaped head with trembling fingers. The carnal smile on his face bordered on devious. “Now that you’ve got Sergeant Major’s attention, what do you intend to do with him, baby?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she purred, staring at his still swelling rod with fascination, exulting in the feel of him against her skin, equally steely and hot … like the rest of him. “Maybe a little of that.” Her tongue did another foray over her lips as she noticed the dewy drops of precum oozing from the slit at her gentle manipulation. She went down on her knees, slanting a seductive look at him. The sultry smile on her lips matched the promised intent in her eyes. “Maybe a little of this,” she cooed as her tongue lashed out to flick over his sensitive tip, lapping at the salty taste of him. “And definitely a lot of this.”

Author Bio and social links:

Linzi Basset is a top 100 Amazon and iBooks Bestselling Author.

Not satisfied to be chained to one genre, she flourishes in producing multiple realms of her imaginary world. Her bestselling Club Cove series have all achieved top 5 on the Amazon charts. Her stories are edgy, dark, suspenseful and at times filled with sweet romance. Linzi is a sucker for HEA and all her books have a happy ending, no matter the battles each couple have to fight to get there.

As a full time author, there’s only one place you’ll ever find Linzi and that’s behind her laptop … well, now and then she pops in at the gym too and she’s never without her trusty energy booster … a steaming cup of coffee!

Find and follow Linzi here:

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Guest Release – Jenny’s Voice by Pandora Spocks


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The Basics:

Title: Jenny’s Voice (Redheads & Ranchers Book 1)

Release Date: February 12, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Heat Level: Erotic

Word count: 77,897

Author: Pandora Spocks


Until release day, JENNY’S VOICE is available for the pre-order special of 99¢, exclusively at Amazon!

A traumatized young woman held hostage for years.
The rancher who comes to her rescue.
The crime boss who will kill them both if he finds them.

Jenny Stone’s voice was silenced the horrific day ruthless crime boss Victor Sorkin executed her parents in cold blood and took her as his personal good luck charm.  Now she’s his ‘pet’, at his mercy when he summons her to warm his bed.  Or the beds of his more esteemed business associates.

When she sees her chance to escape, she takes it, hitching a ride with an unsuspecting cowboy, horse trainer Cole Caldwell.  Cole’s stunned to find the terrified young redhead hiding in his horse trailer.  She’s as skittish as some of the horses he works with, and she doesn’t even speak.  But the nurturer in him wants to shelter her, to protect her.  He’ll do his best to ignore the attraction he feels, content to help her know she’s safe with him.

When Jenny first escaped, her only thought was to get away.  But now she’s worried.  She’s put Cole in unspeakable danger.  Should she leave before Victor finds them?  Could it already be too late?

If you like your romance filled with hot cowboys, suspense, and happily-ever-afters, you’ll love JENNY’S VOICE.

JENNY’S VOICE is Book 1 in the Redheads & Ranchers Series. 
Sexy redheads and the ranchers they can’t resist.
One-click your copy today!

JENNY’S VOICE Official Book Trailer:


As he walked into the house, he was immediately surrounded by the tantalizing aroma of something cooking. He set down the bag and followed Jenny into the kitchen. The first thing he noticed was the table, set for two, a pretty bouquet of field flowers arranged in a Mason jar in the center.

He looked to Jenny, who was carefully watching his reaction. “What’s going on here?” He smiled encouragingly. “And what smells so good?”

Jenny used a folded kitchen towel to remove something from the oven and set it on the stove. Cole peered into the dish, where golden chicken breasts sizzled in a thin sauce.

“That looks amazing, Jenny. What is it?”

Her board was lying facedown on the counter. She picked it up and showed him what she’d already written on the other side. Chicken piccata.

“Chicken piccata? I had all the stuff to make that?”

Jenny nodded proudly.

Cole squinted, looking more closely at the dish. “What are the little burned peas-looking things?”

Jenny rolled her eyes. She jotted on her board. Capers.

“I had capers? Where the hell did I get capers?”

She shrugged and hooked a thumb at one of the upper cupboards.

“Oh, it must have been in that basket one of my clients gave me for Christmas.” Cole shook his head. “All sorts of fancy shit— I mean stuff.” He looked at Jenny. “Sorry about that.”

Jenny grinned, then jotted quickly, You can say shit. I’m a big girl. She laughed lightly.

Cole laughed, too. “Good. Well, shit! Yeah, that feels good.”

Waving with her hand, Jenny gestured toward the table.

“Is dinner ready?” Cole asked, and she nodded.

“Alright, let me go wash up and I’ll be right back.”

Cole headed upstairs. As he washed his hands, he wondered about how Jenny had created such a dish with the simple things he kept at the house. She seemed pleased with herself, too. Quite a difference in her from the first time he’d seen her in the back of the horse trailer.

He sighed to himself. They were making progress, and he found that gratifying. Would it be possible that one day she’d decide to talk to him?

When he returned downstairs, the chicken was arranged on a platter. Jenny had placed a bowl of salad on the table, along with a bowl of rice. She’d poured Dr. Pepper for herself, while at his place she’d set out a bottle of Heineken.

“I know this is the fanciest dinner this table has seen in years,” Cole said, sitting in his chair. “We have a centerpiece and everything. You picked these?”

Pleased, Jenny nodded as she took her seat.

“They’re beautiful. The purple ones match your dress and everything.” He smiled at her. “You look pretty tonight.”

Jenny blushed profusely and looked down at her plate, trying to suppress a smile.

“Let’s dig into this fine dinner, what do you say?”

She nodded, and Cole took the platter, serving her first, then himself. They passed the rice and the salad as well. Cole took a bite of chicken and closed his eyes, savoring the flavor. When he opened his eyes again, she was watching him carefully.

“Oh my God, Jenny, this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted. How did you know how to make this?”

Jenny’s smile faded a bit and she hesitated. Then she jotted on her board. It’s a long story.

Cole regarded her thoughtfully. “Maybe you can tell me sometime.”

She chewed her lower lip. Maybe.

They ate in awkward silence for a few minutes, and Cole silently cursed himself for stepping into something that made Jenny uncomfortable. Wishing to restore their easy rapport, he cleared his throat.

“I know. You’re an undercover chef.”

She gave him a sideways glance and snorted.

Encouraged, he tried again. “You’re a secret chef, and you’re on a mission to educate dumb cowboys like me in the ways of international cuisine.” He drew out the last two words in an exaggerated drawl.

Jenny giggled, tossing her napkin at him.

Cole grinned good-naturedly. “It really is good, Jenny, no lie. Thank you for making dinner.”

After dinner dishes were cleared, Cole remembered the bag he’d left by the door. “Oh, Jenny, I almost forgot. I have a surprise for you.” He reached out his hand. “Come see.”

Her eyes widened, but she took his hand. He led her to the den and pointed at the couch. “Have a seat and close your eyes.”

She hesitated a moment, then sat down. She glanced up at Cole.


Pursing her lips, she complied, knee bobbing anxiously. Cole retrieved the bag and placed it on Jenny’s lap. “Okay, now you can open them.”

With a glance at Cole, Jenny peered into the bag. Brow knit in a frown, she withdrew a large brown cardboard box and set the bag on the floor. Eyeing him again, she lifted the lid and gasped.

Cole couldn’t stop the smile as Jenny picked up first one boot, then the other, eyes wide. Reverently, she ran her fingers across the purple embroidery.

“I figured, if you’re going to be working in the barn, you’re going to need some good boots. I saw these at the saddle shop and I knew they were supposed to be yours.”

She looked up at him as a smile spread across her face. Standing, she let the box fall to the floor as she came to him, a boot in either hand, and wrapped him in a hug.

“Do you like them?” Cole laughed.

Jenny stepped back and nodded vigorously. Then she pointed up the stairs.

“You want to try them on?”

She nodded again. Gathering up the box, the lid, and the bag, she hurried upstairs. From where he stood, Cole heard her moving around, drawers opening, the creak of her bed. Then came the clomp of boots on the hardwood floor as she came back downstairs, her face beaming.

She crossed to him, then back to the bottom of the stairs like a fashion model on a catwalk, rocking the new boots with her dress.

Cole couldn’t stop his grin. “How do they feel? Do they fit?”

Jenny nodded happily.

“Okay, then. Wanna go help me out in the barn?”

She nodded again, taking his arm as they headed out the door and across the yard. Every few steps, she looked down at the boots. Cole couldn’t remember ever feeling so pleased with himself.

The horses were waiting near the gate as they approached. Cole opened it, and he and Jenny watched them make a beeline for the barn. He looked at her. “You do the feed and I’ll do the hay?” he asked.

She nodded, heading for the buckets and feed cans at the end of the barn. As Cole lugged a bale of hay into the first stall, he started singing a cowboy song about not being buried on the lone prairie. When Jenny smirked at him, he winked and continued with more gusto.

By the time the horses were in their stalls with buckets of feed and fresh hay, Cole had started the song over, and Jenny was grinning broadly and shaking her head.

“What? Does my singing suck?” he asked.

She shook her head. No, it’s very brave, she jotted on her board.

“Brave?” he laughed. “That’s what they tell people who can’t sing.”

He took Jenny’s hand and twirled her around as he sang, pulling her to himself and launching into an impromptu waltz down the center of the barn.

Cole relished her giggles as he spun them both around, drawing out the final note. Breathless, they stopped, Jenny smiling up at him, her emerald eyes wide. Cole’s gaze drifted to her lips, pillowy and soft, no trace of the trauma that had once been there. He felt an almost irresistible pull, as though a magnet drew his lips to hers, but he blinked hard and spun her one last time before letting go.

“Who knew those were dancing boots?” he joked softly. When he looked back at her, he saw a glint of sadness in her eyes. She’d felt the same pull he had. But he knew he couldn’t take advantage of her. That wasn’t who Cole Caldwell was.

Author Bio:

Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida.  She enjoys reading and writing literary erotic romance. 

She is the author of the three-novel epic romance Rannigan’s Redemption, modern-day adult fairy tale Chasing Ordinary, and a naughty little romantic novella, Just One Night.  Her Dream Dominant Collection is a series of light BDSM stand-alone novels featuring sexy Alpha males and the strong red-haired submissives who can’t resist them.  The collection currently includes four novels: Luke & Bella, Lost & Bound, For Sparrow, and Warrior Mine.

Jenny’s Voice is the first book in the new Redheads & Ranchers series, a collection of stand-alone contemporary erotic romance novels featuring sexy ranchers and the redheads who ride into their lives and turn everything upside down.  Since they’re all stand-alone, you will be able to read them in any order.

Pandora is busy on her laptop, working on the next book in the series, Hunter’s Pride.

Connect with Pandora:

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Review – Paying Down Her Debt


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Available at Amazon!

Kirishima Futaba is a new student to Tokyo University. While still trying to find her bearings about the school, she accidentally knocks over an expensive vase of the school’s Student Council President, Aikawa Yuri. The moment it plunges to the ground, she finds herself in a world that Futaba could never have imagined.

Yuri is a strikingly beautiful woman from a family of means. She seems to have it all, every comfort one could imagine, respect and authority, and a path to success. She also has something that she keeps hidden. Something that drives her to make a bargain with Futaba. She’s a futanari with an exhibitionist streak, and she is in desperate need of relief.

Freia Ricola does a lovely job of spinning a tale of two young women, in a unique situation. She balances out pleasing sexual scenes with a tale of two lovers finding what they crave most being available if they drop their preconceived notions of what they should be and accept how they really are. I really enjoyed this story and hope that Freia carries on this lovely duo into further adventures.