Review – The Mortal Champion Collection 1


Disclaimer: I received this book for free in a contest.

I love Reed’s books, he has a unique ability to weave insanely hot scenes into a complex plot that keeps you reading because you truly begin to care about the characters and what happens to them. The Mortal Champion Collection is a prime example of this.

Maeve, the Rose Pixie, has been tasked with the challenge of finding the Mortal Champion and bringing him to the side of Summer before Winter sinks it’s chilly claws into him. Even though she’s just a Rose Pixie, she takes on the task from Titania and hurries to the mortal realm.

The mortal realm will never know what hit it. A flurry of sex marks her arrival into the lands of university students, quickly earning her a reputation on campus and the hearts of a few key individuals.

Her journeys take through the concepts of love, lust, hate, fear, and redemption. Always with Summers hope and need for her to find the Mortal Champion.

The Mortal Champion Collection 1 is a page turner that’ll leave you with only one hand to turn the pages. Now, I just need to find the time to read the Mortal Champion Collection 2.

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New Release – Futa Ranch: Krystal’s Story

Futa Ranch-Krystal's Story.png

Now available on Amazon!

Book one in the Futa Ranch series. Each book tells a new character’s story, though they may interact with characters from previous stories.

Krystal had nowhere else to turn once she’d been outed as a futanari. Shunned by her family and friends she’s traveled to one of the few refuges that she’d heard of, Miss Anna’s Futa Ranch. The thought of earning her keep with her body pains her, but not so much as the thought of hunger.

So, she found herself at the doorstep of Miss Anna’s, unsure how to even use the equipment now hanging between her thighs and unsure about how well she would fit in, but willing to do whatever it took to earn herself a spot within the walls. The next 48 hours would change her life and finally show her the relief she’s been craving ever since the comet changed her.

Review – A Thing of Beauty by Bianca M. Schwarz


One of the perks of being a Wicked Pen Writer is being able to meet other authors with a variety of backgrounds, genres, and interests. One of the authors I’ve had the fortune to meet is Bianca M. Schwarz.

A Thing of Beauty is a fast paced thriller starring Sir Henry March and Eliza Broad. Born in different classes, a fateful encounter brings their lives at a crossroads. Eliza in need of rescue from the abuse at the hands of stepfather, Sir Henry from the trappings of his lifestyle.

The pace of this book certainly holds the reader’s interest, keeping you turning the pages as Bianca crafts a tale of romance, mystery, and thrill. The main characters bond over a subject near and dear to this author, a love of books. Through this shared love they are able to overcome the differences wrought by class and upbringing to find solace in each other.

I highly recommend curling up with a copy of A Thing of Beauty and delving into the carefully crafted world on intrigue presented by Ms. Schwarz. You won’t be disappointed.

A Thing of Beauty can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iBooks.

Review – Futa Explosion

Futa Explosion Cover

Futa Explosion is an anthology containing 4 standalone futanari themed stories. The authors are Sally Bend, Reed James, Solar Harris, and Lyka Bloom, who also edited the collection

First up is Solar Harris with Nora. Solar presents us with a lovely, first-date story of self-discovery and the joy that only futas can bring. The build-up is excellent, bringing the reader up to a smoldering hot sex scene. My only want was for the story to just keep going and going.

Following up that is Reed James with The Succubus Cafe: Forbidden Futa Wish. A story about a teen futa fan, her deepest desire, and the eldritch shop that appears to grant her dark needs. Reed has a polished approach to futa stories, well honed by the many stories he’s written, and it shows here. Just enough details to paint a portrait of desire and depravity. Now if only a certain eldritch shop were to appear in my town…

Sally Bend presents us with A Queer Sort of Queen, a story about an island of futanari who entertain political guests. This delightful story is presented from the point of view of Brandi, a sissy citizen of the futa island. She weaves a story of seduction, of pleasure, and the beauty of submission to a futa Queen. One can only marvel at the joys of Brandi and the Queen’s relationship, and savor the delicious scenes of Brandi’s submission.

Last, but certainly not least, is Lyka Bloom’s Gimme an F! The story follows a cheerleader squad at a small school that is just prime for an invasion by futas. And invade they do, inducting the girls into an exclusive group of lust. A fitting story to finish the collection, leaving the reader with visions of smoking hot cheerleader futas!

The collection can be found on Smashwords for free, and there is an edition available on Amazon.

New Release – Project Repopulate 2

Project Repopulate 2

Now available on Amazon!

Levi is just starting to get adjusted to his newfound family. They are settling into their house, getting a routine going, and several of the ladies have become pregnant while the rest anxiously await their turn. Just as he’s starting to feel like everything is finally calming down, the government has to throw him one more curveball. Can he handle the extra duties and demands while dealing with the repercussions from the rest of the girls? With hormones running high, he’s going to have to walk this one as carefully as a slackliner would.