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Futa Ranch_Meghan and Jennifer(1)

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Book 2 of the Futa Ranch series.

Book two in the Futa Ranch series. Each book tells a new character’s story, though they may interact with characters from previous stories.

Meghan is a rising starlet, Jennifer her best friend and faithful companion from childhood. As much as she enjoys her job, her fans, and all the perks of being a star, she loathes the need to appear virginal and pure in front of her audience. In public, her handlers have arranged a perfect boyfriend for the cameras, behind closed doors she’s forbidden from contact with the opposite sex.

Fortunately for Meghan, there is a place for people like her. Tucked away in the mountains of Nevada with an innate understanding of the need for security and privacy, Futa Ranch. Her manager, while appearing prudish in her own ways, has given Meghan the option to go, with Jennifer as her escort. For Meghan, it’s a wish come true. For Jennifer, it’s the chance to embrace the person she’s become.

Futa Ranch is a welcome reprieve for the young starlet, giving her and her companion a much needed week of debauchery, growth, and discovery of who they really are. They’ll come out of the week forever changed and ready to face the world again.