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Killing Moon cover

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from a contest.

Maggie May is an author who brings a sense of realism, of possibility, to her writing. She wrote this book from the first person point of view, aiming for the book to be read aloud to a partner, bringing both within her woven world.

This book takes us to the deep South in Spring, bringing back fond memories of my time stationed in South Carolina and long runs through trails on plantations. This is a story of finding oneself and one’s passions, in the least likely of locations.

Renee is a government worker, in her early twenties, and surprisingly a virgin but not for a lack of trying. She just can’t find the one. Her friends, out of both concern and joy, chip in to send her a prostitute, surprising her with a female. Much to Renee’s surprise, Candy is just what the doctor ordered, and after a passionate hour she is left wondering if her sexuality tilts fully towards lesbian.

And yet not. A guest speaker at the library, a gorgeous African-American man claiming to be a vampire ignites her desires. Soon, Renee finds herself delving deeper into the history of her town, the plantations, and the passion she can find in the arms of her vampire lover.

This is a fast-paced, exciting book that keeps you wondering the next turn, and next scene that will show up. The sex is hot, in particular the final scene. A certainly worthy read from Maggie May!

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