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Futa Roomies

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Maya’s life was turned upside down the day the meteor changed the course of human evolution. Blessed and cursed, she was one of the ones affected, turned into a futanari. Cast out by her family, she turned her attentions to her studies. Now a graduate student, she’s found the best way to have her own place is to sublet out the rooms in her apartment. Granted, this pair of undergrads aren’t the best at always paying their rent on time, nor are they the quietest roommates, but they give her the space she needs and she’s come to enjoy having them around. Still, the rent does need to be paid.

The first of the month she prepares to confront the girls again to ensure they actually pay their rent on time. The first through the door is Krista, the more dominant of the two. A woman who knows Maya doesn’t have enough attention in the bedroom, and one who has no issues with the idea of exploiting that.

Krista, though, is just the beginning. While she may have cracked the door of pleasure open for Maya, it’s Maria who kicks the door off it’s hinges.

Maya is about to enter into a world that she’s only ever dared dream of while locked away within her room. She comes to realize that the member hanging between her thighs is less of a hindrance to gaining the social life she’s always craved, and instead a way to open the door for her.