Review – Replay Book 1: Viking Raid


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Viking Raid

Nia Farrell is an author I’ve been meaning to read, ever since I saw and fell in love with the cover for her book, Replay Book 5, Night Music. However, it just didn’t make sense to start a series in the middle, so I got to savor the story of Viking Raid.

Replay is a BDSM resort, located near the ocean, that allows it’s guests to fulfill their BDSM fantasies in a historical setting. It goes all out with it’s music, settings, and actors to meet the demands of its guests. Replay book 1, though, is less about the guests and more about several of its staff.

Breanna and Rowena are twin sisters with the gift of music, employed at Replay with the task of filling scenes with period music. While Rowena has always been more of the wild child, Breanna is tame and faithful to practical tasks, to the point of remaining a virgin into her twenties despite her sister’s attempts to help her discover the pleasures of the flesh. In an effort to keep an eye on her sister, Breanna agrees to take part in a scene to celebrate their twenty-second birthday, with the condition that Gunnar be the one to take her maidenhood.

Nia weaves a story of romance complete with oodles of period details and sizzling sex scenes. Gunnar and Breanna delight the reader with the establishment of a tender, caring, D/s relationship demonstrating how well a couple can successfully weave together the natures of their desires.

Replay Book 1 is a must read for any fan of the romance BDSM subgenre and I heartily recommend it. It’s available at Amazon for purchase, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.


Review – Darkling Rose


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Darkling Rose


Cailee Francis is a new author to me, but one I’m looking forwards to reading more of.

A succubus and an asexual witch caught on the wrong side of a vampire lord’s interests. Throw in an angel working for a supernatural authority and you have an interesting trio setup for adventure.

The pace of this story is solid, it moves easily from scene to scene without lagging. The characters are interesting and have some fun interactions, as well as a few nicely choreographed fight scenes.

The F/F sex scenes are juicy, not quite to the level of erotica, but delicious to read on their own right.

Overall, I love the premise of this series and the design of the characters. I’m hoping we get to see a little more of Lisa in the upcoming books and can’t wait to find out what sort of hi jinks this crew gets into.

I give this book a 4/5 and plan to read the sequel. It’s going to be interesting to see where Cailee takes these three next.

You can find Darkling Rose on Amazon, available on Kindle Unlimited.

Review – Futa’s Fertile Easter Delight 1-3


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I’m reviewing these books together as they really deserve to be read one after the other.

This series is a part of the Aphrodite Sisterhood universe. The goddess Aphrodite has blessed a select few mortals with the gift of becoming a futanari. The success of her experiment has caught the attention of the long-forgotten goddess, Rhea. Once blessed with Aphrodite’s gift herself, Rhea begins to spread her own joy.

Rhea’s first target is Miriam, a housewife desperate for a child of her own. Nearing the end of her fertility, she is just about willing to try anything. When Rhea blesses her with three eggs to transform members of Miriam’s church’s congregation into fertile futas, her deep desires overcome her need to be a good church woman.

Eggs in hand, she goes off to the annual Easter service at church. Mischief to soon follow.

Each book contained one full scene of Miriam chasing her fertile futas, each revolving around one egg. The futas were different women, with totally different desires and motivations. I must say, the futa in the third book was the most surprising of them all.

Futa’s Fertile Easter Delight is a series of fun reads, with hot scenes and loads of futa cum. Certainly a good read for fans of futas and breeding!

They can be found at Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited here:

Innocent futa, Married futa, MILF futa

Review – Futa’s Passionate Awakening


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Futa awakening cover

Reed James is perhaps best known for his steamy, satisfying shorts, but when he decides to turn his attention to a novella or better, they can be page turners that leave the reader exhausted, satiated, and craving the next book in the series. Futa’s Passionate Awakening is one of those luscious stories.

It follows two main characters, both futa’s in starkly different situations. Helen and Ally make for an interesting duo of characters, their story lines so vastly different and yet so similar.

Helen is a college student, who does her best to keep her situation a secret. She feels a deep shame over what is between her thighs, so only her parents and medical professionals are aware of what is going on. Over a series of events, she is slowly brought out of the closet and into the full potential of what her life could be if she were to embrace her true nature. Her college will never know what hit it.

Futa’s Passionate Awakening manages to balance a first-time futa, harem, college story with a wickedly delicious, promising, science fiction story. The second story is certainly on my summer reading list!


You can find Futa’s Passionate Awakening on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

New Release – Futa Roomies


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Futa Roomies

Now available on Amazon!

Maya’s life was turned upside down the day the meteor changed the course of human evolution. Blessed and cursed, she was one of the ones affected, turned into a futanari. Cast out by her family, she turned her attentions to her studies. Now a graduate student, she’s found the best way to have her own place is to sublet out the rooms in her apartment. Granted, this pair of undergrads aren’t the best at always paying their rent on time, nor are they the quietest roommates, but they give her the space she needs and she’s come to enjoy having them around. Still, the rent does need to be paid.

The first of the month she prepares to confront the girls again to ensure they actually pay their rent on time. The first through the door is Krista, the more dominant of the two. A woman who knows Maya doesn’t have enough attention in the bedroom, and one who has no issues with the idea of exploiting that.

Krista, though, is just the beginning. While she may have cracked the door of pleasure open for Maya, it’s Maria who kicks the door off it’s hinges.

Maya is about to enter into a world that she’s only ever dared dream of while locked away within her room. She comes to realize that the member hanging between her thighs is less of a hindrance to gaining the social life she’s always craved, and instead a way to open the door for her.