Guest Release – Tamed by Felicity Brandon


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He took her, he caged her, but can he truly tame her?

Lost in the woods, author Molly Clary is running for her life. After being trapped in the torrid dark world of Connor Reilly, Molly has made a desperate escape from the tantalizing torment, but little does she know what fate awaits her.

Connor is both a man and a monster, and in the depths of his depravity, something scintillating will bloom between them. Molly finds that she is falling for the sadist, a dangerous attraction that will take her right to the brink.

So, now it’s Molly’s choice. Can she manage the monster in order to lure the love of the man? A man who has already demonstrated just how cruel his sadistic streak can be?
And when the truth is finally revealed, Molly will need to decide. Where do her true loyalties lie?

1-Click Tamed today to continue this dark, twisted trilogy.

Tamed is the heart-stopping continuation of the dark romance, Taken. Molly and Connor’s liaison concludes in the hotly anticipated, Entwined.


Sexy Snippets:

A woman who proactively sought the kiss of her captor was no longer really a captive. Was she?

All there was now was Connor, the pain and the exhaustion.


Molly had no clue. She had no idea who she’d just fucked, or that by giving herself to him in any way, she was slowly selling her soul to a devil.


The poor little thing didn’t have a clue how far off the mark she was. Connor wasn’t tender. Connor was a monster.


That’s how she felt now, his completely, and nothing beyond that seemed to matter.

Connor had become the dark centre of her world. His perverted dominance was every inch as arousing as the heroes she’d penned, except that this hero was bigger, and stronger and extremely bad. In fact, he was really no hero at all.



Tamed Teaser


Excerpt 1

“You’re going to hurt me?” she probed, as she blinked up into the place she knew those green eyes were.
She didn’t know why she asked, because the answer was obvious. Of course, he was going to hurt her. He was going to make her suffer, and he’d try to break her if he could.
“You will be punished,” he assured her in an unnervingly gentle tone. “Then tamed, and trained to please me. And you will write for me.”
Connor’s hand touched her face in the darkness, those digits finding the hot tears which she had barely even realised were falling. Her own fingers fell from his jaw at the weight of his caress. As though they were acting on some type of reflex, they found his chest, and she pressed her small palms against his shirt. Drawing her hair back, his hand rested at her nape, holding her in place as he continued. “There were only ever two rules, pet. Do you remember them?”
He was close now. Molly knew that, even though her eyes had fallen closed at the sensation of his fingers. She could feel his breath against her face, the heat reminding her of the way he’d claimed her body just last night. Her eyes blinked open as she tried to compose herself. This was not the time for sensual memories, Molly, she rebuked herself. You’re about to get taken – again – by this monster. You need to do something. You need to kick, run, throw a punch… And yet, she already knew it was too late. She was falling deeper into his trap, even now as he spoke. It wasn’t his body holding her in place, but his mesmerising ability to capture her with his words.
“Pet?” He repeated, his tone expectant. “The rules?”
“To obey you, Master,” she parroted, as though she was answering a school test. “And to write for you.”
“There’s my good girl,” he purred, the hand at her neck drawing her face even closer to his body. “I knew you hadn’t forgotten.”
His tone was soft, but patronising, and a part of her wanted to raise her hand and slap him for mocking her. But that part was small and insignificant now, a remnant of the woman she used to be, before Connor Reilly crashed into her life. Now that same tone was all sexy and dominant. The voice of the man who commanded her. The voice of her Master.


Excerpt 2

Strapped down to the spanking bench, Molly’s legs were splayed wider than she expected, and her hips were raised by a pile of strategically placed blankets against the leather. She didn’t counter or even try to resist him. What would be the point? She was chained and helpless. Connor was physically stronger than her, and now that he was back in his own domain, he seemed larger than life again. There was no hope of getting away, and that meant taking whatever punishment he was about to dish out.
“I spent the entire drive here contemplating how best to punish you, pet.”
Connor’s voice jarred her from her miserable musings, and she turned her head toward it. He was stood there, dressed only in black jogging pants. His lean, muscular torso was on display for her to see, concealed only by his strong arms which were folded in front of his chest.
“Of course, I can spank you,” he went on. “I can paddle that delicious backside of yours to within an inch of your life, but I want more than that. I need it. I need to make sure you know what will happen when you defy me.”
Molly panted around the gag. Somehow, the thing hadn’t seemed so bad on the way home, but then she had slept through the whole thing. Now though, her jaw was aching already, and it had only been back in place for a few minutes. Her eyes locked with Connor’s, his resolve evident from just the briefest of connections. He was clearly telling her the truth. Whatever penance was to come, he had obviously spent a lot of time considering it. The thought was not reassuring.
“As such,” Connor continued. “I have concluded that your punishment should not just be about pain. It should be about pleasure too, or in fact, your complete lack of it.”
He shifted from his place beside her, stalking to one of the walls in front of her face. Molly strained her head to see what he was doing, her neck screaming at the contorted angle. Ignoring its plea, she caught sight of him collecting a few items. One was an ominous-looking wooden paddle, and another looked like some type of large, industrial vibrator. There was something else, too, but she lost sight of it as he passed by the side of her head.
Her face fell back to the leather, confusion shrouding her mind. Why did he need a vibrator? Was he going to torture her with orgasms? The thought sounded tantalizing, although if she knew anything about Connor, then she knew it wouldn’t be that easy. He’d already implied there would be no pleasure, so…
She pulled hard against the straps at her ankles and wrists. He’d hit her! The son of a bitch had hit her while she’d been thinking. She twisted her face right to try and catch sight of him, but all she could make out was his silhouette in her peripheral vision.
“First, we warm up this sweet behind,” he declared.
Molly saw the paddle rise into the air, her body tensing as he sent it to crash back against her ass again. Shrieking through the gag, Molly struggled again, her breaths coming out in short pants.
“Suck it up, pet,” he sneered as he landed the third swat. “Or let me put this in a way an American will understand. Your ass is quite literally mine. Mine to strike, mine to taunt, mine to fuck, and now I have it right back here where it belongs.”


Excerpt 3

“You will take my cock wherever I choose to put it.”
His voice was like thunder now, and her body trembled in response. As Molly submitted, she pressed her hot tears into the leather in front of her. It was a small act, but deep down he knew it meant something.
At the very least, she had conceded the point, and that was good enough for Connor. Emboldened by her reaction, his dick grew even larger. Ruthlessly, he drove the remainder of it into her arse, delighting at the shriek which the thrust provoked from Molly’s lips.
“Take it,” he demanded, easing from her, before plunging back again.
She called out, the sound morphing into a low sob at the back of her throat.
“This is what happens to naughty pets who run.”
He buried himself deep inside her tightest channel as he assessed her reddened face. There was no doubt she was sorry now. She certainly looked it, but it was too late. Far too late. And Molly had a lesson to learn.
“I could have made this good for you, kitten,” he growled. “I could have lubed you right up and made this a satisfying, sensual experience. But you…” Connor hesitated, delivering four fast thrusts in quick succession. “You could not be good. You chose to run from me.”
Molly was sobbing now, her face a hot mess based on his limited view.
“Bad pet,” he continued, slapping her right cheek. “That’s what you are.”
The impact made her gasp, her muscles clenching out of instinct.
“Tell me!” The command echoed around the dark walls. “Tell me what you are.”
She mumbled a humiliating reply through the small plastic ball. The sound made his balls tighten, driving him closer and closer to shooting his load deep inside her behind.
“Very bad,” he agreed as he thrust balls deep into her once more. “And bad pets get all their hole’s punished.”


Excerpt 4

“I hope it was good for you, pet,” he snarled as the scratch at his face stung in the cool night air. “Because that was the last time you’re ever going to strike me.”
She screamed at his words, but the sound coming from her lips sounded more like frustration, than terror. “But, it’s alright for you to strike me?” she snapped back, her head twisting toward him as he forced her a few meters back toward the waiting sedan.
“Of course,” he told her in a mocking tone. “You belong to me, pet. Remember? I will strike you when the need arises. To punish you, to train you. We’ve been all through this already, or at least I thought we had.”
“No!” she yelled, resisting his retreat as much as her bare feet would allow on the road. “Stop it, you fucker. I don’t want this!”
“Oh really?” he asked calmly as his back reached the edge of the car. “You don’t want this. Are you sure? That wasn’t what you were telling me in bed last night. You recall that, right? The time you practically begged to join me in bed, after you begged me to fuck you?”
Something in his questions seemed to resonate and for the first time since he’d pounced, Molly stopped fighting. Her body sagged against him, the rage inside her small frame apparently dissolving right in front of him.
“That was different,” she mumbled into her chest. “You were different.”
Connor glanced down at his little pet, surveying her as best he could in the darkness. Perhaps her accusation was accurate. He probably had seemed different the night he’d pleasured and fucked her. Certainly, he had felt different. But Molly didn’t understand the plan. Her captivity wasn’t just about pleasure – it couldn’t be. It was about training her, taming her, and making her into the thing he wanted. A pretty little pet who would suck his cock on command, right after she’d written their prose.
“The man who took you out here was the same guy who licked your sweet pussy, pet,” he informed her flatly. “Both men are me, and both are your Master.”
Molly threw her head back, slumping against his chest as though he’d just walloped her. “Please,” she begged. “Please, I can’t go back there with you. I can’t do this.”
She sounded distraught.
The notion pleased him, although she really had no idea what it meant to be broken. Not yet. But she would.


Author Bio and social links:

Felicity Brandon is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author.
She loves the darker side of romance, and writes sexy, suspenseful stories, with strong themes of bondage and submission.
You’ll find her either at her laptop, at the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music.

Find Felicity here:

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Guest Release – Truth Untold by Isabel James


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Truth UntoldNow Available!

When lives are at stake, you can trust no one.

 A gruesome death …
 A teenager in the wrong place at the wrong time …
 A Mexican drug cartel that will stop at nothing to silence him …
 A mole inside the FBI keeps the cartel informed …
 A conspiracy that threatens to split the synthetic opioid market wide open …
 A very determined FBI agent’s relentless pursuit to decapitate the Quintana Roo …

John Dutton’s life hangs in the balance after he witnesses the gruesome death of his uncle, Arizona Senator, Frank Dutton, at the hands of the top assassin of the Quintana Roo cartel.

Unshakable in his quest to keep his family safe, he flees the murder scene and goes on the run. By a twist of fate, he is joined by a classmate and neighbor, Jessica Richards and his teacher, Claire Miller.
Now, the hunt is on and they can trust no one.

FBI Special Agent Zane Gordon followed in his father’s footsteps with one goal in life―to protect his country and keep it free from violence and crime. But the lucrative opioid epidemic has brought the violent Quintana Roo Cartel out of hiding and over the border.
Zane Gordon has a personal score to settle with them—one that has haunted him for years.

While Zane struggles to protect Claire, Jessica, and the Dutton family, the cartel masterminds and wages a campaign so violent that it will go down in history.

Death and destruction threaten to spiral Agent Gordon into a dark abyss of despair but he refuses to quit until John and his family are safe.

How does he anticipate their next move with a mole on the inside? And what price will others pay amid the chaos that explodes around them?

Get Truth Untold now and become entrenched in the first of a compelling and highly suspenseful series.

Truth Untold is the first book in the Zane Gordon suspense crime series.

We live in a world where much of the crime we experience and read about is often linked to the production, distribution, and sale of illicit drugs.

And the criminals who operate and rule these mega conglomerates? They are the notoriously violent drug cartels of Mexico and South America.

In this series Special Agent Zane Gordon confronts and does battle with the extremely malevolent operatives of the Quintana Roo in an effort to avenge the heinous crimes carried out against the victims and their families and bring a sense of justice to them all.

A few suspenseful snippets

The wail of police sirens split the air to mute the quiet hiss and crackle of the macabre scene now devoid of all life except for a fire that continued to burn and throw its hellish, pulsating light against the alley walls.

* * * * * * *

“This is PTSD stuff. Once you see this horror, it gets seared into your consciousness. You live with it for the rest of your life. Sick motherfuckers. You have to be very, very fucked up to be able to do this to someone day in and day out.”

* * * * * * *

The pungent smell of cordite suffused the air. He grabbed at the back of his head and waited for the pain. Still on his knees, Winston looked up and stared in shock. The unburnt vapors from the nitrocellulose propellant curled upwards from the residual hot gases that enveloped the Sig Sauer 9mm muzzle.

* * * * * * *

As the words of her bald surrender washed him free of the chaos and doubt that had wasted him, the savagery that had assaulted his senses hours before began to stir and claw its way out of his blackened heart. Zane let go and lost himself, willingly, in Claire’s selfless embrace.

Truth Untold

Excerpt: Copyright©2018 Isabel James

Zane was busy preparing breakfast which allowed Claire to stare at him at leisure from where she’d taken a seat on one of the bar stools behind the counter. She gathered her courage together and popped the question that had been hanging in the air.
“How do you know who I am?”
Zane turned and addressed her head on. “It’s part of my skill set to know the names of strange people I find sleeping in my house.” His eyes lingered over her hair and lightly made-up face in a tacit acknowledgement of her transformation.
He returned his attention to breakfast. Claire squirmed. She felt slightly annoyed by her complete intoxication of the man whose practiced demeanour allowed him to ignore her like a rock.
“You don’t talk much, do you?”
“You mean you don’t know? Don’t tell me my mother hasn’t given you the entire history, recited in chapter and verse of my life? I would find that highly implausible if you said no.”
Zane didn’t bother to hide his irritation. He knew his mother well enough to know that she had a tendency to blather about his entire life to people she trusted. Knowing that his life was an open secret shouldn’t have bothered him, but it did. The fact that he was attracted to Claire Miller, who knew more about him than he did her, created an imbalance of power that he was not used to. Unwittingly, his mother had turned the tables on him.
“And you’re grumpy early in the morning,” she quipped with a smile that caused his heart to thump against his chest.
“You better wake up the kids. Breakfast is ready,” he ordered gruffly and began to set the table. He cast an annoyed look at her when she didn’t move. “Now, Ms. Miller.”
“Are you angry with me for some unknown reason?”
Before Claire could gather her senses, he was around the counter and dragged her unresisting body against his chest, slowly, to offer her the opportunity to resist.
“Your eyes are very expressive, Ms. Miller. It could get you into serious trouble. “His eyes blazed to watch as the tip of her tongue lick wet the fullness of her mouth and turn it into a glistening invitation. His resistance destroyed, he tilted back her head and grazed her waiting mouth with his thumb.
“So tempting,” he murmured, as he lowered his head to breach the space between them. In the split second that followed, their breath mingled before his lips captured hers in a deep, passionate kiss. They took freely and selfishly of each other, both starved for the sweet, succulent offering given up without conditions.
Claire pressed herself against the warm, hard planes of his body. When she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fate was sealed. He ended the kiss with a taste of her ear lobe and smiled to himself at the moans that crawled out of her throat.
“Get the kids, Ms. Miller,” he whispered then finished with a further examination by tickling the auricle of her ear with his tongue. Her surprised squeak echoed through the house, followed by the door of one of the bedrooms slamming against the wall as John came charging through.

Available at these retailers:


Author Bio and social links:

Isabel James is a pseudonym for two authors who collaborated to bring their readers tales of emotional and spiritual discovery in The White Pearl Series. Now, they’re spreading their wings to a different genre.

One is an Erotica Author who has achieved Bestseller status a few times with her Club Alpha Cove series, Linzi Basset. She writes stories that are dark, edgy and filled with suspense. For her, there’s nothing better than bringing fantasies to life and sensually enticing others inside their own imaginary world.

The other Author is a poet at heart and loves the nuances of wordplay. Like a true Artist, he paints a canvas with words, drawing you into his imagination, seducing you with their expressive beauty. He loves everything Shakespeare and draws his inspiration from the beauty of true passion and lust of life and love.

The day these two met, they discovered they had a writing chemistry. Their minds sparred and they converted their passion for words into a journey of discovery that happened without any conscious decision.

Find and follow Isabel James here:

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New Release – Futa Therapy


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Futa Therapy

Now available on Amazon!

With the impact of the meteor and the rise of a futanari population, Elise has found her skills as a sex therapist in high demand. Just as she’s beginning to get a grip on the situation, she notices something different about her body and her sudden, insatiable desires.

On a break away from work, Carrie, her receptionist visits to check on the welfare of her employer. What she finds sets this teenager on an adventure the likes she never dared hoped for. Young men suddenly pale in comparison to her new partner and the things they can enjoy together. She helps her boss regain a mediocum of control and the chance to return to her normal routine.

The only problem is that she’s already started to book other futa couples and has no idea how her body will react to the presence of another futa. With Carrie at her side, Elise tempts fate to stay within her chosen career.

Review – Futa-Soldier’s Seductive Technique


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Futa Soldier 1

Followers of my blog know that I’m a fan of Reed James, the pre-eminent writer of futanari erotica. So, when I get a chance to unwind and enjoy a good story, his works are always at the top of my to-be-read list. Coming into the holidays, I’ve finally got my shopping done, most of the wrapping, and all of the decorating. Time for me. I needed hot, dirty, and satisfying. The first book of the Futa Soldier’s Naughty Mission series certainly didn’t disappoint.

This story is told through the eyes of Cameron, a translator in the Army specializing in Arabic, sent to help suss out insurgents in Baghdad. She’s sent off to a unique unit, all women, rumored to be staffed fully by lesbians or even transgender women. Either way, she wasn’t prepared for the truth. Her first interactions with Lt. Evie leave her weak-kneed and craving for a roll in the hay with the lithe woman.

They head off into the city to the home of a young woman, hoping to persuade her to help them validate some rumors. There, Lt. Evie introduces the Spc. with her unique interrogation method and the secret to her unit.

Futa-Soldier’s Seductive Technique is a short, satisfying read sure to leave you hot, horny, and ready for the next book. I highly recommend it!

Review – Angel of El Capitan



I’ve been a fan of M.S. Tarot’s for years now, about four or five years. I think he’s a phenomenal writer, and when he’s got a groove going, reader beware, time will fly and before you know it your morning alarm will be going off. I’m also an outdoor junkie, and while big wall climbing is something I’ve never tried, I’ve always admired the people who take part in it and the culture of the dirtbag. So, Angel of El Capitan is a natural choice for me.

Angel is a young man, born of a family where he felt without a father figure, with parents he felt never cared for his own desires in life. The only man who ever filled that role was Alex, a climber. Now, a young man in his own right, Angel has set out with visions of leading the dirtbag lifestyle. His first stop is to visit Mary, Alex’s widow.

Mary isn’t what Angel remembered, but she’s just what he needs to tame his youthful exuberance. Under her tutelage, Angel will embark on an adventure of both the face of El Capitan and that of adulthood.

M.S. Tarot writes a tale with a high level of skill, weaving knowledge and story into one. He brings you the highs and the scent filled lows of learning to take on the dirtbag lifestyle while weaving in a tale of cougar and cub. If you love adventure on the big wall, this is not one to miss.

Angel of El Capitan can be found on Amazon, available on Kindle Unlimited.